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Every team has a captain: Elena Pérez is the owner and Managing Director of RESULTATE. Her wide experience in market research is backed by bundled enthusiasm for this field – and by an inquisitive nature.

Commitment, high quality and client orientation are the goals she has defined for herself and her colleagues.

Her extensive knowledge in the research field and understanding for the needs of clients are the cornerstones of the RESULTATE philosophy: delivering results that are precise, efficient and profitable. An outlook that has been honoured for many years by numerous RESULTATE clients.


Thanks to this professional experience and knowledge Elena Pérez is lecturer at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. She has also published numerous studies on various aspects of market research. These activities and her work for the German Federation of Market Researchers ensure that Elena Pérez and RESULTATE are always state of the art in the field of market research. This is beneficial for their work and ultimately for our clients. Whatever we undertake, out goal is to deliver RESULTS.

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